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  • Heart And Stroke Foundation: Canadian Partnership For Stroke Recovery
  • International Stroke Recovery And Rehabilitation Alliance
  • American Society of Neurorehabilitation

Advances in Stroke Recovery brings together stroke recovery research leaders and the clinical care community from around the world to share new research findings and discover the next big things in the field in order to advance care for people living with stroke.

A distinguished program committee has developed a two-stream program focused on clinical/applied advances and those in the research sphere. The meeting includes a dynamic poster session with oral presentations. Themes covered at this three-day meeting: global challenges of delivering stroke rehab care, adjunct therapies, biomarkers for precision stroke rehabilitation, the knowledge translation gap, innovative personalized rehabilitation care, young stroke & young stroke carers, and more.

Target Audience

University and hospital-based researchers in stroke, neurologists, physiatrists, allied health in stroke (physios, OTs, SLPs, recreation/leisure, psychologist), trainees, family doctors, stroke nurses, and policymakers.

Conference Goal

Through sharing cutting-edge research and best practices, this scientific conference aims to improve the delivery of stroke rehabilitation, reduce disability, and restore lives impacted by stroke across the globe.


As part of the three-day scientific conference, attendees will be able to:

  1. Learn the best current research evidence in stroke rehabilitation and recovery

  2. Explore the newest approaches to improve recovery and restore lives after stroke

  3. Connect with a broad community of clinicians and researchers across the globe to create a vibrant and collaborative community to advance the field.