Call for Abstracts

Our conference brings together stroke recovery research leaders and the clinical care community from around the world to share new research findings and discover the next big things in the field in order to advance care for people living with stroke.

We are inviting submissions covering a wide range of stroke recovery topics, including: preclinical studies, clinical trials, population health, quality improvement, health systems, education, and mechanistic study.

Submitters are asked to submit a structured abstract that includes background, methodology, results and conclusion (300 word maximum)

  • Background: This section should briefly describe relevant background information and purpose of the study.
  • Methods: This section should briefly describe what research was done, how it was completed and who it involved.
  • Results: This section should describe what findings resulted from the study with relevant details (e.g., statistics), as appropriate.
  • Conclusion: This section should briefly summarize the implications of the results and why it is important.

Presenting authors must be registered participants. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.

The best ranked abstracts will be asked to present in an oral session, in addition to their poster sessions.

The presenting author will be asked to confirm that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract and agree to its submission as submitted; and that all authors consent to publications of the submitted abstract related to the Advances in Stroke Conference 2023 (e.g., on website, program materials, etc.); and that all authors consent to the publication of the abstract in a scientific journal (if publication of the abstracts is approved).